Tissue box holder

Leather tissue boxes for a safer everyday life

At home, in the car or at the office, tissues are very practical. They are usually sold in small cardboard boxes. Unfortunately, the cardboard can easily deteriorate or deform due to regular handlings. Tissue box is an effective alternative to protect your tissues from dust and dirt for a long time. It allows the cardboard box to be hidden under a more elegant and resistant wrap. Practical and light, you can use it anywhere, even on business trips. As designs can be very varied, tissue boxes become very popular decorative elements. The style can be defined according to the place of use: elegant for your living room, classy for the office, original for the bedroom, classic for the bathroom, etc. Enjoy the functionality and convenience of tissue boxes to make your daily life easier. Feel free to choose a model with a unique design that reflects your personality.

A stylish leather tissue box from Noreve

Noreve is an expert in the art of leather working. This French manufacturing company offers you premium quality tissue boxes with a chic and timeless look. Your cardboard tissue boxes will be well installed in Noreve handmade models. Discover various shapes and sizes with integrated magnetic closure system. In addition to highlighting the quality of craftsmanship, Noreve promotes Saint-Tropez’s luxury and glamour in each of its creations. A wide variety of finishes are available to allow you to customise your tissue box according to your needs. It is possible to modify the nature of leather, its texture, colour and design. The finishing work done by Noreve professionals is remarkable. Your leather tissue box will become a real decorative item for your office. Thanks to its elegant and refined look, the article will automatically bring a luxurious touch to your environment.