Paper tray

Innovative leather paper trays

Arranging documents in a practical order offers a considerable advantage in the time required to perform daily tasks. Organisation within an office is one of the keys to achieving good results, whether in the short or long term. Paper trays have become indispensable allies to effectively file documents. Not only are they appreciated for their functional side, but they are also infallible for their aesthetic look. Having a pile of paper scattered on the table is never pleasant to see. Thanks to the paper tray, the worker can arrange the documents in alphabetical order, by theme or by priority. Simple but clever, this system allows you to easily access your leaflets at any time of the day. You will no longer need to move heaven and earth to find an important script. Let yourself be seduced by refined and discreet equipment in order to offer a neat layout to your workspace.

Elegant and chic paper tray with a unique character

Noreve is a leading French brand for handmade leather accessories. Bring a luxurious and chic touch to your office by installing a Noreve paper tray. Discover models with Haute Couture design in real leather or imitation leather. A Tropezian glamour touch is always revealed through each creation. In terms of quality, this manufacturing company has set the bar very high with paper trays with remarkable seams and impeccable finishes. This result is achieved thanks to the meticulous work of an expert craftsmen team. Simple shapes as well as more innovative models are available for demanding people. Have at your disposal a sturdy, durable and elegant paper tray to store your documents efficiently. You will have the opportunity to customise your item by choosing the type of leather and its texture. You will thus obtain a unique, stylish and timeless little masterpiece that you will proudly display in your office.