Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Amazon Kindle Oasis (2017)

High range covers for your mobile library: the Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017

With the introduction on the market of a new version of its e-reader, the online sale giant Amazon goes on fulfilling the needs of its loyal users, as usual. The Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 is a small technological marvel with a 6 inches rectangular screen and a total weight of 238 grams, which is very lightweight. It is a small mobile library that can store thousands of e-books with its 4 GB of storage. In addition, its strong point is its battery, which can last up to 9 weeks. Indeed, the device itself is equipped with a battery life of 2 weeks without charge, but it is additionally equipped with a holder acting as external battery, which may extend this charge level of 7 additional weeks. Very practical, the holder and the e-reader are equipped with a magnet and can slot automatically together when brought close to one another.

An effective protection for a high-performance e-reader

Your Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 will be your faithful daily companion. You can carry it with you for more than 2 months without charge, for moments of reading or relaxing on the Internet, because it is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection. Regarding the design, the e-reader stands out for its square format, though with a rectangular high resolution screen of 6 inches and 300 dpi, just like the previous versions. It is in addition extremely fine, only 3.4 millimeters thick. It is pleasant to hold and very comfortable to read, especially as the screen has an anti-reflective coating. It would be a shame that such an efficient appliance would have any accident, hence the need to protect it efficiently.

High range covers and cases for your Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017

The life expectancy of your device highly depends on how you maintain it and care for it. Noreve has many years of experience in the design of customized cases, covers, holders and sleeves for tablets and mobile phones. The work performed by our craftsmen is thorough. It starts with the choice of a noble and resistant first quality leather material. Then, the design of each product is carefully studied so that the final product perfectly fits each device. Finally, the cycle ends with a neat and detailed handmade manufacturing.

Add something personal to your cover or your case with Noreve

With Noreve, it is no question of doing things simply, the customer must be completely satisfied. Because of that, he has a fair say in the design of his cover or case. With the customization functionality on the website, you can choose the texture of the leather of your protection accessory, as well as the colors of the outer or the inner lining. The Patina finish can for example give a somewhat old-fashioned texture to leather, with colors such as Red Patina, Golden Patina or Fawn Patina.