Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis, the tablet that allows you to read for months

Not long ago, you had to carry with you a lot of paper if you wanted to read a book while you were travelling and other. Nowadays, tablets offer a much more convenient approach to reading books. In May 2016, the pioneer of the e-book released its lightest and thinnest model: the Kindle Oasis. This tablet of barely 130 grams and 7.60 mm thick has a touch screen of 6 inches, with a storage capacity of 4 GB. It allows you to access the internet via a Wi-Fi connection, and is equipped with a USB output.

A ridiculously thin and light high-end tablet

The Kindle Oasis is the most luxurious and high-end electronic reader ever made by Amazon to date. It is ridiculously thin, light and it is a real pleasure to use it. In addition, it comes with a smart case which allows, among other things, to extend the autonomy of the device, which can reach 9 weeks. Each Kindle tablet shared some common features to this point, but it is a completely different story with the Oasis, and it is a bit strange at first. If the first reflex is to hold it by the bottom or by the back, it has however been designed to be held by the side, where the navigation buttons of the tablet are. If this seems practical after a period of adaptation, it can still be confusing at first, and the large size of the device combined with its lightweight weight does not facilitate its grip.

Avoid tragedy by equipping yourself with a Noreve cover

As you will surely travel a lot with your Kindle Oasis tablet, equipping it with a Noreve protective cover is paramount, to preserve it from shocks and falls. Noreve covers are sturdy and have been designed to stand thumps, and their custom cut-outs ensure you the comfort you need to fully enjoy your electronic player. If they are not waterproof, Noreve covers can protect your tablet from accidental splashing. Hand-crafted, Noreve covers feature an impeccable finish that gives them unparalleled natural elegance.

Noreve covers are unique because it will be up to you to customise them

In addition to their solidity, practicality and elegance, Noreve covers are customisable. Thanks to its experience, Noreve has set up a system to give entire satisfaction to its customers. This consists in offering them a customised service and they will be able to choose the protection for their tablet themselves. Thus, to wrap your Amazon Kindle Oasis, you will have the choice between a wallet-style horizontal flap cover and a sleeve. Once you have chosen your protection, you will be able to decorate it with your favourite colour and texture, whether for the outer or inner coating.