Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Amazon Kindle (2016)

Keep all your books within easy reach with Amazon Kindle (2016)

Amazon's most affordable Kindle electronic reader has been refreshed for 2016. It is now thinner, lighter, and has more rounded edges. The 2016 version of the Amazon Kindle comes with a 6-inch screen displaying 600x800 pixels. It has non-expandable storage space of 4 GB, and 512 MB of RAM. The battery life is up to one month. New features include Bluetooth audio which allows visually impaired readers to hear VoiceView audio, automated reading of what is written on the page, with headphones or wireless speakers. This is a Wi-Fi e-reader: there is no version that includes the 3G cellular data service.

An optimised basic tablet

The Kindle 2016 is still made from a hard and smooth plastic, which makes it a little slippery, but its thinner and lighter chassis gives a more upscale feel, especially as its total thickness of 9, 1 mm now matches the current Paperwhite depth. Similarly, its lower weight of 161g makes it very easy to hold when you are inspired for a long reading session. This Kindle has a touch screen, unlike the reference basic models of before 2014, and it is equipped with a storage of 4 Go allowing you to store thousands of electronic books. This is also the first time that the basic Kindle is available in two colours: black and white. The white one, however, tends to get dirty very quickly after only a few days of use, and these are not stains that you can simply erase with your finger.

Opt for safety with Noreve

To avoid embarrassment of avoiding your tablet to be covered with unsightly stains, to equip yourself with a Noreve protective cover is the ideal solution, because in addition to acting as a cover, it protects your tablet against any shock and allows to avoid any damage, thanks to its robustness. Noreve covers allow you to use and transport your tablet anywhere, so you can enjoy the serenity you need to enjoy your device. For a better grip, these are coated with high quality leather, and their handmade design allows ensuring a quality of impeccable finish, the whole to bring an unparalleled Tropezian touch of elegance.

Stand out thanks to the Noreve covers

By opting for Noreve, you will not only enjoy the sturdiness, convenience, or elegance of their products. Indeed, Noreve displays its whole experience to allow you to wrap your tablet to your liking. Thus, to protect your Amazon Kindle, Noreve offers two options: a simple horizontal flap cover, and one that closes like a wallet. After having made your choice, a wide range of colours and textures will be available for you to decorate the cover of your choice, both for the outer and the inner coating.