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Although Xperia X Compact is technically a smaller version of Xperia X, it borrows its design from the flagship XperiaXZ. However, it does not have the superior hardware quality of its high-end counterpart, the Xperia X Compact being entirely made of plastic, although the phone is surprisingly robust. While it is equipped with a 4.6-inch screen, the Xperia X Compact keeps its big brother's Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor, backed by 3 GB of RAM. As for storage, 32 GB is the only option, a micro SD card that allows adding up to 256 GB of additional storage. The 5-megapixel front sensor is a fairly standard camera, and does the trick when it comes to take selfies. On the back, you have a 23 megapixel sensor, the same as that on Sony's high-end terminals like Xperia XZ.

The advantage of providing your Xperia X Compact with a Noreve case

The best part of the Sony Xperia X Compact is the simplicity of use with one hand, which is obviously the highlight of a mini-smartphone. With so many widescreen phones, it's quite refreshing to use a compact device, with a screen you can cover easily. Everything is fast and responsive, and the device can even handle high range games effortlessly. The Xperia X Compact comes with a surprisingly good battery life, helped by the relatively lower resolution it needs to power. If the Xperia X Compact has surprising features, it is however unfortunate that Sony has not Integrated dust and water protection system on this model, unlike other models in the series. One can also note the absence of fingerprint sensor, which is nevertheless an almost standard option on recent phones. Finally its plastic alloy holds many fingerprints and gives the smartphone a slightly dirty look.

Noreve, the ally of your smartphone

However, the use of a protective cover can negate this poor visual effect on the X Compact. Noreve specifically designs tailor-made leather cases for your smartphone, unlike what you can usually find on the market. Noreve sleeves are thermoformed to absorb shocks and protect your Xperia from possible scratches and cracks. Your Xperia will feature a stylish and elegant new look with Noreve protections whose finish has been carefully crafted, which also makes their difference because these covers are entirely hand-crafted. In addition to all this, Noreve has applied its whole know-how to combine elegance and practicality, since you will easily access all the features of your Sony Xperia X Compact without having to remove it out of its cover.

With Noreve, protect your smartphone in your own way

Noreve, the specialist of smartphone covers, offers you two alternatives to protect the shape of your Xperia X Compact. Whether in a horizontal flap or a wallet-style horizontal flap, you will enjoy the strength and quality of the Noreve sleeves. However, you will be able to customise the outer as well as the inner coating, whether you like smooth, grained, shiny leathers or other. With Noreve, you will love your smartphone even more.