Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Xperia XZ Premium

Our selection of the best covers, cases and protections for Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Here is the 2017 flagship of the Japanese brand Sony. The Sony Xperia XZ Premium dethrones the Z5 Premium in the top of the high range Smartphone. Powered by Android 7 and integrating a Snapdragon 835 processor with 4GB RAM, it comes directly to compete with the Apple iPhone 8, Samsung S8 and other Huawei P10. The biggest asset of this mobile is undoubtedly its two cameras of 19 megapixels (on the rear) and 13 mpx (on the front) and its slow-motion functionality. The XZ Premium is the second phone of the brand to offer a 4K touch screen. Its definition is 3840 x 2160 px. As for the design, this stays in line with the Xperia with a small difference, its edges with rounded shapes. In short, Sony offers us a very nice device that highlights all the know-how of its R&D (research and development).

The advantage of choosing a quality cover

One of its strengths is undoubtedly its screen. Beautiful screen goes naturally with protection. With a diagonal of more than 14 cm, it is prudent to protect this large and beautiful IPS panel with a quality and padded cover. A flap cover is therefore recommended to secure your mobile from shocks and falls. Although the back is also very successful with a reflective effect, it is nevertheless slippery. The risk of dropping one’s Smartphone is therefore accentuated. A robust rear case will be the complementary and essential accessory for this beautiful phone.

Go for security with a protective cover

All our covers are studied and developed exclusively for the Noreve brand products. All our items are tailor-made and perfectly fit the frame of mobile devices. The priority of our designers is to protect the edges and corners to the maximum with an adjusted frame while cutting it to leave free access to buttons and ports. The functional side is thus preserved. This ensures maximum protection and a comfortable day-to-day use.

Protect and customise your accessory at your convenience

The know-how of Maison Noreve does not end with the shape of its exclusive covers. Over the years, our craftsmen have created a true relationship of trust with our partners. All the leathers used are carefully checked and selected. On the various product pages, you will discover a wide range of finishes, leathers, colours and options. You will even be able to customise the inner lining. It is up to you to imagine the case that best suits your Sony. Noreve covers are proof that the aesthetics side and security can be associated. Offer your XZ premium the premium case that suits it best!