Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Sony Xperia XZ3

Leather case, a must-have to preserve the sublime design of the Sony Xperia XZ3

As the worthy replacement of the Sony Xperia XZ2, the Sony Xperia XZ3 remains faithful to the "Ambient Flow" design of its forerunner, as well as to its 18:9 ratio screen. The difference lies within the double vertical rear photo sensor, with a fingerprint sensor. The back side is made of glass, which gives it certain elegance. The Sony XPeria XZ3 has an IP68 certification, that is to say, it is waterproof. Unfortunately, the phone is not safe from fingerprints or scratches. With dimensions of 153 x 72 x 10.1 mm and a weight of 183 grams, the phone may sound sturdy but it absolutely needs a cover to ensure its protection every day.

Noreve protective accessories, works of art to adorn and secure a Sony XPeria XZ3

The Sony XPeria XZ3 is a high-end model that requires special attention in terms of its protective accessory. Maison Noreve has created premium quality leather cases and covers handmade by talented and experienced craftsmen. Noreve accessories think of everything, through the shape of the device, free access to its various features, small pockets to store credit cards, clips to hang the mobile on the belt, etc. It is important to note that the creators of Noreve are inspired by the values of Saint-Tropez to design their little wonders. Discover a large number of models that are compact and practical, with neat finishes.

Sony XPeria XZ3, a custom made cover exclusively at Noreve.

Maison Noreve showcases its creativity by offering a wide range of products to wrap your mobile devices with radiance and splendour. For your Sony Xperia XZ3, you can choose the type of finish that suits you. For example, the Perpétuelle finish includes a palette of sober and chic colours, to be associated with soft and smooth leather. The Addiction finish involves pure haute couture, while the Pulsion finish offers acidic colours on fluorescent mat leather. You will be spoilt for choice when you customise your device according to your tastes.

The advantages of a Sony XPeria XZ3 to be combined with a topquality cover

The XZ2 model of Sony is succeeded by a high-end terminal that does not lack potential. The Japanese company develops the Sony Xperia XZ3 with notable improvements in terms of specificities. Indeed, the device has a Qualcomm SoC Snapdragon 845 associated with a 630 GPU, with 6 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of internal storage, expandable via MicroSD card. As for the screen, it is a 5.9-inch QHD+ format with a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels. As a bonus, the Sony Xperia XZ3 integrates a double rear photo sensor of 19 Mpx and 12 Mpx, as well as a 13 Mpx front sensor. The autonomy of the smartphone is ensured by a battery of 3240 mAh. This ultra-efficient mobile phone promises a new experience to its user. It only misses the appropriate protective accessory that can secure it for a long time.

Our Xperia XZ3 cases selection

  • 85,61 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Perpétuelle Rouge

    [Tradition E - 21083TE7/f]

  • 85,61 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Perpétuelle Marron

    [Tradition E - 21083TE9/f]

  • 103,64 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Exception Sable vintage

    [Tradition E - 21083TE11/f]

  • 103,64 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Perpétuelle Couture Bleu océan - Couture

    [Tradition E - 21083TE8-PC/f]

  • 90,12 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Ambition Anthracite

    [Tradition E - 21083TE29/f]

  • 90,12 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Ambition Cobalt

    [Tradition E - 21083TE34/f]

  • 108,14 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Ambition Couture Papaye - Couture

    [Tradition E - 21083TE31-PC/f]

  • 103,64 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Exception Prune vintage

    [Tradition E - 21083TE44/f]

  • 157,71 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Tentation Tropézienne Couture Rose BB - Couture

    [Tradition E - 21083TE64-PC/f]

  • 139,68 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Tentation Tropézienne Darboun sabla

    [Tradition E - 21083TE61/f]

  • 139,68 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Tentation Tropézienne Castan esparciate

    [Tradition E - 21083TE68/f]

  • 121,66 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Exception Couture Jean vintage - Couture

    [Tradition E - 21083TE17-PC/f]

  • 108,14 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Horizon Abaca ishia

    [Tradition E - 21083TE49/f]

  • 108,14 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Horizon Autruche ciliegia

    [Tradition E - 21083TE51/f]

  • 108,14 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Horizon Crocodile pino

    [Tradition E - 21083TE58/f]

  • 157,71 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Patine Gris Patine

    [Tradition E - 21083TE3-pat/f]

  • 157,71 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Patine Bleu Patine

    [Tradition E - 21083TE8-pat/f]

  • 157,71 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Patine Fauve Patine

    [Tradition E - 21083TE14-Pat/f]

  • 130,67 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Addiction Rouge passion

    [Tradition E - 21083TE71/f]

  • 130,67 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Addiction Vert séduisant

    [Tradition E - 21083TE75/f]

  • 130,67 $

    Xperia XZ3 Case Addiction Orange vibrant

    [Tradition E - 21083TE76/f]