Google Pixel XL leather cover

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Google Pixel XL

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Google Pixel XL leather cover - Noir PU

Characteristics - Leather cover for Google Pixel XL

Using a cover is the best way to prevent your phone from damage, that is to say a safe way to preserve it in the long term. Noreve, luxury leather worker and specialist in manufacturing high range leather protections offers this stylish case for Google Pixel XL. In a chic and elegant finish, the cover fits perfect curves of the phone to give it a stylish look. Without flap, the screen is directly accessible. Although the cover surrounds edges of the device, the volume and standby buttons, as well as dedicated ports for charging, syncing, and headphones are bare. Thus, you do not have to remove the cover to connect the cable or listen to music. On the back, leather cut-out allows you to use the camera and flash without removing the protection. The hard cover for Google Pixel XL has a strong absorption against shocks. The whole fits easily in your pocket or your bag, when you do not use it. Its featherweight makes it a light and compact material. As a label, the internal engraving of the logo is noticeable on the leather coating.

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