Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Huawei Nova

Huawei Nova, much more than an intermediate version of the Nexus P6

The first impression one has when one sees the Nova for the first time is the fact that it is a narrowed version of the Nexus 6 p, the best phone made by Huawei at the time. In reality, both smartphones are not in the same range as the Nova is ranked in the middle range of the Chinese brand. Huawei Nova, which is available in simple SIM or double SIM, is launched in October 2016. It has a display of 1080 x 1920 pixels on a 5 inch screen. It runs under Emotion 4.1 UI based on Android 6.0.1 and is supported by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 with a frequency of 2 Ghz processor. The Nova has a capacity storage of 32 GB, which can reach 256 GB using a micro SD memory card and 3 GB RAM. The camera has a main sensor of 12 megapixels that can capture 2160p videos, and a secondary 8-megapixel sensor. A fingerprint scanner is found on the rear panel.

A strong look, which just lacks an anti-scratch coating

Huawei Nova is a smartphone conceived to have the appearance of a costly mobile. It is designed to look like its big brother of the upper range, the Nexus P6. It has therefore a high quality aluminium structure and a precise display. The battery life is quite good as well as the quality of the camera, which can capture 4k videos, even in if that is perfectible in low light. One of the major shortcomings on the model is the dual SIM / micro SD card hybrid function that limits the options on the dual SIM model. The device also has a few performance issues due to the processor. One big concern but not the least is the absence of an anti-scratch coating that makes the phone look fragile.

Noreve is always there to cover your device

Fortunately, to compensate for this lack, Noreve has thought about everything. This specialist of protections for electronic devices designs covers especially for your Nova so that you won’t have to fear for its screen or the smartphone in general. Indeed, Noreve cases are solid and handmade, with an impeccable finish, so as to protect your Huawei Nova from shocks and falls. The leather lining offers a better grip and a touch of natural elegance that you won't find anywhere else. With Noreve protections, you can take full advantage of your device in all serenity.

Create your protective sleeve at Noreve

Noreve implements all its experience to customize at most its services, so that each user will feel special and unique. In addition to the solidity of their products, Noreve also gives you the ability to customize them at will. A vertical flap case and a horizontal one are put at your disposal, and once you have made your choice, a wide range of colors and textures will be proposed to dress your holder, from the outer to the inner lining. Your Huawei Nova will then look like no other smartphone.