Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Huawei P9 Plus

Huawei P9 Plus, enhancing a high-end smartphone

In April 2016, Huawei launched the P9, a high-end smartphone on all levels, but did not settle for it and launched the Huawei P9 Plus a month later. The main novelty on this model is the technology of its screen. Its super AMOLED 5.5-inch screen is indeed sensitive to pressure, which allows you to access various features depending on the pressure you exert on an icon. If the proposed resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixels, the native operating system that is used is the Android 6.0, supported by an octa-core Hisilicon Kirin 955 processor. The P9 Plus has 64 GB storage, expandable via a micro SD card, and a 4 GB RAM. It is equipped with a dual camera of 12 megapixels each at the rear, and a secondary sensor of 8 megapixels. This high-end smartphone features a fingerprint scanner, positioned in its back.

High-end smartphone involves high-end security

If Huawei has spared no effort for software innovations on this high-end model, the same can be said about the hardware. Indeed, the P9 Plus exudes elegance due to its aluminium and glass finish, so that you can see your reflection on the back of the handset. On the other hand, the finish allows visible stripes to show a little easily. Indeed, tests revealed that only a few days spent in a pocket have earned it some thin stripes on the brightest layer. Given the high cost of P9 Plus, it would be wiser or even necessary to provide it with suitable protection.

Arm yourself with the whole know-how of Noreve to protect your P9 Plus

Noreve implements its whole know-how to offer your device the best protection. Indeed, Noreve cases are covered with high quality leather and are tailor-made for your smartphone so that you can enjoy it fully, without in any way being bothered. Noreve ensures that you can use and transport your Huawei P9 Plus without fear of scratches or cracks. Apart from the solidity of its covers, Noreve also makes a point of honour to the aesthetic side. Their covers actually enjoy an impeccable finish quality, which gives them a pleasant visual rendering by their elegance.

Create a smartphone in your own image thanks to Noreve

In addition to the strength and elegance of its protections, Noreve offers its customers the possibility to customise them. For the P9 Plus, Noreve offers you the choice between a vertical flap cover and one with horizontal flap like a wallet. Once you have chosen your style, you can also choose the covering of your case, between leather and leatherette, and you will select the colour and the pattern, so that your Huawei P9 Plus matches your personality.