Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Laptop 13"

To effectively protect Notebooks of all sizes, Noreve offers a range of urban backpacks, tote bags, slipcases and cases specially designed for 13-inch Notebooks.


High-end leather protections for your 13" computers

13" computers are also entitled to their own range of protections at Noreve. Indeed, new 13-inch format computers will appear on the market in 2020. Their screen is certainly less imposing, but their practicality at the time of transport remains a significant asset. Moreover, the performance of these computers is by no means inferior to that of larger formats. In order to provide its customers with an ever-increasing choice, Noreve has designed a range of new luxury leather protections consisting of urban backpacks, saddlebags, tote bags as well as covers designed especially for 13" computers.

Why choose leather protections for your laptop?

Laptops are transformed into real high-tech concentrates. However, despite the efforts of various brands to improve the waterproofness and robustness of their products, they are still far too fragile. An unfortunate fall and the screens are broken, sometimes beyond repair. It is to avoid this type of situation that the use of saddlebags, backpacks or leather covers is essential.

Noreve: know-how at the service of protection

Noreve's leather backpacks, saddlebags, slipcovers and other bags are renowned for their exceptional quality and finish. Indeed, all these products are made exclusively by passionate craftsmen, recognized in their trade and working only with premium quality materials. Its many years of experience and its solid and elegant protections have allowed the Tropezian brand to rise to the top in the market of laptop cases, bags and other protections for laptops.

Unique customizations for each of your desires

The brand's wide range of backpacks, covers, saddlebags and tote bags is available in a variety of colours and finishes. As a customer, you will therefore have access to a wide choice so that you can enjoy a unique model that meets all your desires. There are many finishes to choose from, such as Patina or Addiction. They each offer a different style to your leather protection. Your laptop will go from a simple work tool to a full-fledged fashion accessory while enjoying effective protection.