Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Laptop 16"

In order to offer effective protection for computers of all sizes, the Tropezian brand Noreve is launching a range of cases, backpacks and other protection for 16-inch computers.


Protections specially designed for this format

16" computers are appreciated for their large screen, which is more comfortable to work on, but also to play on. New models of computers of this format are coming out in 2020 to satisfy fans of larger screens. These devices combine technological innovations with improvements in storage and power performance. For owners of computers in this format, Noreve offers a range of high-quality genuine leather protective covers, urban backpacks, tote bags and briefcases.

Why choose leather protections for your laptop?

From a technological point of view, laptops are increasingly competing with desktop computers. Some are even more powerful. However, despite various advances and brand ideas to improve their robustness and water resistance, they remain far too fragile in case of shocks or falls. In order to avoid a disaster and to enjoy a laptop longer, the use of a cover, a backpack and other leather protections is the most effective solution.

Noreve: unique craftsmanship

Noreve is a brand known worldwide for the exceptional quality and strength of its pouches, covers, bags, tote bags and backpacks. It owes this excellence to its passionate craftsmen who handcraft the models in premium quality leather only. Thanks to this know-how acquired after many years of experience, Noreve is today the leading brand in computer protection.

A wide choice of customizations to make each model unique

Each cover, backpack, tote bag and satchel proposed in this range is available in several colours and finishes. The customer has an unlimited choice and can therefore enjoy a unique model, created only according to his or her desires. Various finishing options are available, such as the Perpetual finish, which gives a smoother look to your bag, or the Addiction and Ambition finishes, each characterised by a different style. Thanks to its protection, your 16" laptop will be much more than just a work tool. It will become a fashion accessory in its own right.