Travel Organiser - Anti-RFID / NFC

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Travel Organiser - Anti-RFID / NFC - Noir PU

Characteristics - Travel Organiser - Anti-RFID / NFC

Voyage around the world with this elegant travel organiser. A new essential leather item for demanding globetrotters with a compact design and a modern look. This travel wallet can keep all your important documents in one place in complete security: boarding cards, identity card, passeport, coins, bank notes and your precious pen.

- Entirely handmade
- Closed with a metal zipper
- Capacity for 8 credit/debit cards
- Inside zipped coin pocket
- 2 inside pockets for bank notes and papers
- Place to hold a pen
- A rear pocket for flight tickets
- Dimensions (closed) : 12.5 x 24 x 2.4 cm

This article is made with C12 shielding material, invented by the company Schlegel Electronic Materials. The material is the fruit of more than 20 years of research and development. The C12 provides the best 97.4dB attenuation and protection over a range of frequencies from between 100KHZ and 2GHZ (This is the range for RFID technology). An anti RFID texture protects you from “network sniffers” who try to recuperate the data on your credit/bank cards when you are in a public place. This texture is the most efficient method of countering electronic theft and protecting your confidential bank and personal information.

  • Travel Organiser - Anti-RFID / NFC
  • Travel Organiser - Anti-RFID / NFC
  • Travel Organiser - Anti-RFID / NFC
  • Travel Organiser - Anti-RFID / NFC

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