Apple iPhone Xr leather case

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Apple iPhoneXr
Apple iPhone Xr
Wireless charging compatible (induction)

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Apple iPhone Xr leather case - Noir PU

Characteristics - Leather cover for Apple IPhone Xr

Your Apple iPhone Xr will be on top with a Noreve protective accessory. This leather folio case will make a splash! Like all Noreve protective accessories, it has been handcrafted from top quality leather. The back of the device, the edges and the screen are wrapped in a beautiful stylish holder with a slim and compact design. A vertical flap allows direct access to the iPhone screen. It closes like magic thanks to a closure without snap fastener or magnet. To ensure the smartphone's safety against shocks and falls, a thermoplastic inner frame has been integrated into the cover. This one does not interfere with the operation of the device. Precise leather cuts have been designed for the various features of the iPhone Xr: camera, flash, charging, syncing, etc. When designing this elegant cover for iPhone Xr, Noreve made sure that the network, GPS or compass functions were never blurred. The proper functioning of the light and proximity sensors has also been taken into account. In terms of finishing, the craftsmen reveal their talents through impeccable craftsmanship. You will have the opportunity to select the colour and texture of the leather through various finishing modes: Exception, Addiction, Perpétuelle, Pulsion, Horizon, Illumination, Patine, Evolution, Tentation Tropézienne or Ambition.

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Evolution [PU - Synthetic leather]
Perpétuelle [Smooth leather]
Ambition [Grained leather]
Exception [Nubuck suede-like leather]
Pulsion [Fluo leather]
Illumination [Patent leather]
Horizon [Special handworked leather]
Tentation Tropézienne [The Must in Leather]
Addiction [Saffianoleather]
Patine [Elegance made by the effects of time]