Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Kobo Elipsa

Why protect your Kobo Elipsa with a Noreve cover?

The Kobo Elipsa comes with a stylus and a protective cover. Admittedly, it does well with its light weight, good design and easy-to-handle plastic. However, once in its case, the weight is drastically reduced from 383 to 752 grams. That's why Noreve has designed a tailor-made protective cover to solve this problem. It is a leather-covered case with a flap and a horizontal bridge. Its sleek design helps to reveal the full potential of the reader, which is easy to hold and can even be placed on the table on its easel. In addition, this leather cover protects the reader from external aggressions such as dust, splashes and shocks, etc. Remember that it is neither waterproof nor unbreakable, and that it can deteriorate over time. The Noreve leather case is ideal for preserving its original condition for as long as possible.

Why trust Noreve's experience with your Kobo Elipsa case?

The Noreve leather case is a real added value for the Kobo Elipsa. It is made of high quality material, hand-stitched with care and precision by experienced craftsmen. Its seams are remarkably well-tailored to the shape of the device. The company is renowned for its know-how and its many years of experience in designing accessories for mobile devices and the latest generation. By choosing this leather cover, your reading device will stand out for its classy style, its remarkable finish and the robustness of the leather.

Infinite customisation for your cover thanks to Noreve's know-how

The Kobo brand stands out with its new range of electronic tablets, including the Kobo Elipsa. Aficionados of this Canadian brand will be delighted to discover these new shells, covers and cases that can be customised as desired. The advantage of choosing a leather cover, pouch or case from Noreve for your Kobo Elipsa is that you can personalise your accessory as you wish. Indeed, it is not only intended to protect your device, but is also a real fashion accessory. When it comes to personalisation, you have a wide choice of finishes. For example, the Addiction finish is made of mineral-tanned leather or Saffiano leather, which is very soft and elastic. It is distinguished by its cross pattern, which is very popular with fashionistas. If you want to go one step further and personalise your cover, you can choose the colour and even engrave your name on the inner lining.

Technical description of the Kobo Elipsa

Kobo, a subsidiary of the Rakuten group, is constantly innovating with its range of Kobo digital tablets. The latest addition to the range, the Kobo Elipsa, released in June 2021, is the successor to the Forma and Clara models. It is distinguished from its predecessors by its large 10.3-inch touchscreen, which makes it a true digital reader. It is the largest of its kind, measuring 19.3 x 22.75 x 0.76 cm and weighing just 383 g. It is a true digital notebook, with a stylus for precise note-taking. The Elipsa is also distinguished by its plastic material and asymmetrical design, which makes it easier to grip in the hand. On the performance side, it offers a resolution of 1404x1872px. Its storage space can accommodate up to 32GB, and its autonomy exceeds 15 days. Finally, its major asset is an incredibly efficient text recognition thanks to the MyScript technology. What about the next model?