Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Kobo Forma 8

Reasons to protect your reading light with a cover or shell

Although the Kobo Forma 8's screen is particularly resistant, it is not immune to shock or clumsiness. While the reading light is often used in the evening before going to bed, it is also used during long subway or car trips to pass the time. A simple distraction or handling error is enough to cause the screen to break or crack. To avoid damaging such a piece of jewelry or to prevent it from becoming clogged with dust, it is more than wise to protect it with a shell or cover.

Not just any shells and covers, but those offered by Noreve for your Kobo Forma 8

As usual, Noreve designs high-performance hulls, cases and covers. All these protections have one thing in common: top-of-the-range. Indeed, the raw materials and materials used by the Tropezian house are of high quality, which ensures luxury protection with unequalled elegance. The years of experience of the brand's craftsmen are the guarantee of carefully finished products. In addition, these covers are manufactured to be as resistant as possible.

Shells: always trendy and 100% customizable accessories

Noreve has the particularity of offering its covers and hulls in multiple colours. Thus, you will have the possibility to personalize your luxury protection according to your taste. In addition, several finishes are available. They are all elegant, but differ in their visual appearance and texture to the touch.

The Kobo Forma 8: the Rolls Royce of e-book readers

The Canadian firm had already put everyone in agreement with its Clara HD, a reader offering maximum comfort for e-book readers. With the Forma 8, Kobo raises the bar even higher. With its well thought-out features, this reader sets the standard in the industry. Among other things, it features ComfortLight technology, which adapts the brightness of the screen to the ambient light for maximum reading comfort. In addition, the reader is equipped with an anti-blue light filter to protect the reader's eyes. The Kobo Forma 8 is also equipped with a motion recognition system that allows you to scroll through the pages without touching the screen, just by moving your finger. With features like these, Kobo has undoubtedly laid a sound foundation for its future Forma 9.