Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Apple iPad mini 4

Take care of your iPad mini 4 with our leather tablet covers

Tablets are the latest big trend in the world of high-tech devices. We owe this small revolution to the Californian brand Apple, which invented the concept with its amazing iPad. If you’ve just fallen for the brand new iPad mini 4 you will want to give it protection worthy of the name, so hurry to discover our tough and practical tablet covers.

A tablet cover especially designed for your iPad mini 4

There’s no question of feeling all cluttered up, our tablet covers have a lightweight and very discreet design. And with their precise leather cut-outs, you can continue to use your iPad mini 4 as usual.

Protective iPad covers with exceptional finishes

Whether for our range of cases for smartphones or covers for iPads, we guarantee both the best finishes and exceptional design thanks to the expertise of our teams of specialist small leather goods craftsmen. Naturally, every stage in the manufacturing process takes place in our workshops.

Our different leather iPad cover designs

Because everyone has their own patterns of use and favourite colours, we suggest you choose an iPad mini 4 cover with either a horizontal or vertical flap. And as for colours, you’ve got a wide choice of shades and finishes to choose from.