Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Apple iPad Pro 9.7" (2016)

iPad Pro 9.7

The cover for tablet iPad Pro 9.7 leather: a must-have accessory

The success of tablets is undeniable and manufacturers continue to evolve their production to offer more performance. This is exactly what Apple now offers for iPad Pro 9.7 version that weighs little bit more than 400 grams. This is the kind of device that we do not hesitate to take with everywhere, which increases the risk of damage by dropping grabbing the bag or making a sudden movement. It would be a shame to break its amazing Retina display with exceptional resolution. Discover quickly our collection of tailored tablet covers perfectly adapted for your tablet IPad Pro 9.7.

Order a solid and chic shell to your tablet Apple iPad Pro 9.7

If you like beautiful things you will no doubt enjoy our covers for tablets which ideally combine the sublime look of the iPad. Indeed, they are handcrafted with premium leather. We can speak of a traditional craft manufacturing as all stages of the design of our tablet cases are made in our workshops by experts in small leather accessories. To develop flawless products that perfectly meet their tablet protection mission, we incorporate an inner reinforcing thermoplastic that resists the shocks.

A tablet protective Apple iPad 9.7 as practical as it is elegant

One of the arguments that appeals to users of iPad, it is of course the extremely compact. So we put the emphasis on finesse and lightness of the design of our leather cases for iPad Pro 9.7 to maintain a flawless usage experience. Our covers IPad fit precisely the shelf outline and offering a maximum protection by covering the edges. They also help to maintain its inclined position.

Personalize your Apple tablet pouch

You are afraid that your tablet cover does discomfort your everyday life? You should know that our products benefit the cuts to connect both your headset and a charger. You can even take pictures with the flash without having to remove your shell IPad. All you need is to choose the finishing and interior and exterior color of your leather case IPad Pro 9.7.