Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Cowon Plenue V

Haute couture for mobile devices at the service of your high-end music player!

The Taiwanese brand introduces in mid-range the Cowon Plenue V, worthy successor of the Plenue R and Plenue J. The music player has of course some enticing technological features, to name only its new generation DAC, the digital-analogue conversion chip Cirrus Logic CS43131. This allows very advanced settings of the listening quality. This little masterpiece incorporates a touch screen colour display of 2.8" at 240 x 320 pixels, with an internal memory of 64 GB, expandable up to 128 GB by Micro SD. It is quite light compared to its predecessors and weighs 100 g for 53.4 x 93.1 x 16.7 mm. It is easy to handle and has a good grip. Very convenient, its battery fills up in the space of two hours for 40 h of MP3 playback. It is therefore obvious that this high-tech mobile device deserves to be in the front row in terms of care and to be wrapped with a beautiful protective cover.

Wrap your Cowon Plenue V with the best cases and covers on the market

A sound of remarkable quality, a colour LCD touch screen, a very original design, the Cowon Plenue V has an outstanding performance. It would be very unfortunate if such a device could suffer physical damage and have any malfunctions in the sound. The chassis, albeit it is made of metal, is particularly sensitive to scratches, and the screen could crack at the slightest drop, not to mention the shocks suffered during a trip because this music player is particularly appreciated by runners. Noreve is the solution you need to find a protective accessory worthy of the name. Indeed, the brand designs the best cases, covers, holders and sleeves for mobile devices of all kinds.

Make your music player even more elegant through Maison Noreve

Maison Noreve is a specialist in leather protective covering for all types of electronic gadgets: smartphones, tablets, music players etc. The models are numerous, follow one another and do not look alike. Indeed, each product is unique, cut down to the millimetre according to the sizes of each device. Their main singularity is also the fact that the manufacturing procedure is traditional workmanship and entirely handmade. Thus, the various buttons and ports will always be accessible thanks to the numerous cut-outs specifically provided for this purpose for each model. Elegance and robustness are also present, as all these items are designed in a premium leather, in Saint-Tropez way.

Enjoy the customisation options of your holders and covers at Noreve

As its name implies, a music player must follow you almost everywhere. It is therefore quite normal that it is housed in a holder that is perfectly in your style and according to your desires. By choosing Noreve and its protective accessories, you will be able to make the design of your product yourself. Various ranges of leather textures are available: nubuck, varnished, grained, synthetic etc., as well as dozens of light or dark colours for the inside and outside coatings of the cover.