Protections, cases, pouches and covers for HTC U11


HTC U11, a high-end smartphone that deserves quality protection

The 2017 flagship of the Taiwanese brand intends to place itself as a serious competitor of the Apple iPhone 7/7 +, Huawei P10/P10 +, Samsung S8/S8 +, LG G6 and Sony Xperia XZ Premium. This high-end Android smartphone is the successor to the HTC Ultra. This stylish mobile phone features interesting characteristics: a super LCD display with QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), Snapdragon 835 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB internal memory, 12 mpx (at the rear) and 16 mpx (at the front) etc. The highlights of this smartphone are undoubtedly the photo and its Edge Sense functionality. The U11 is not revolutionary but remains a full and interesting smartphone.

Why adorning one’s U11 with a quality cover?

Although the rear part, made of metal covered with glass (called Liquid Surface), is very successful, many testers and users nevertheless raise a small disappointment: fingerprints appear very easily. It is common practice to rub and clean the fingerprints on the back of the device, which can quickly become annoying in the long run. As for the front, if you are of a careful and meticulous nature, you will protect its beautiful and large 5.5-inch LCD screen. Like any screen, it is vulnerable to shocks, falls and other scratches. The only effective solution is to offer it a solid and robust cover that perfectly wraps its frame.

Resistant, chic and functional covers

The HTC U11 has a unique and exceptional feature called: Edge Sense. This allows you to press the smartphone's borders (to the left and right) to launch some features of the device. The question then arises: how to protect all the edges while keeping the U11 in its cover and leave access to this innovative functionality. This is the challenge that Noreve craftsmen have been able to meet. The solution lies in the development of a tailor-made cover that is perfectly adjusted to the millimetre to cover the neutral parts of the structure of the phone. Precision is therefore the key word for the success of these cases. As you can see it, the edges of the covers envelop the phone while leaving access to useful buttons and ports.

Your HTC U11 likes colours, offer it a customised cover!

Available in 5 colours: pearly black, sapphire blue (dark blue), iridescent chrome (light blue), pearly white and solar red, HTC enters the era of colours and inspiration. If you like beautiful unique pieces, noble materials, high quality finishes and sleek, classic and elegant designs, you will find your happiness on our online store and configurator. Our leather craftsmen offer you the possibility to choose from a wide range of designs, textures, colours and options to meet all your expectations, even the most demanding ones. Follow fashion trends and give your smartphone its finest wardrobe. A luxury Noreve cover is the best option to safely protect your HTC U11 and enjoy it comfortably on a daily basis.

Our U11 cases selection

  • 61,61 $

    U11 Case Perpétuelle Rouge

    [Tradition E - 21587TE7/f]

  • 61,61 $

    U11 Case Perpétuelle Marron

    [Tradition E - 21587TE9/f]

  • 71,09 $

    U11 Case Exception Sable vintage

    [Tradition E - 21587TE11/f]

  • 66,35 $

    U11 Case Ambition Anthracite

    [Tradition E - 21587TE29/f]

  • 66,35 $

    U11 Case Ambition Cobalt

    [Tradition E - 21587TE34/f]

  • 71,09 $

    U11 Case Exception Prune vintage

    [Tradition E - 21587TE44/f]

  • 80,57 $

    U11 Case Horizon Autruche ciliegia

    [Tradition E - 21587TE51/f]

  • 80,57 $

    U11 Case Horizon Abaca ishia

    [Tradition E - 21587TE49/f]

  • 80,57 $

    U11 Case Horizon Crocodile pino

    [Tradition E - 21587TE58/f]

  • 151,66 $

    U11 Case Patine Gris Patine

    [Tradition E - 21587TE3-pat/f]

  • 151,66 $

    U11 Case Patine Bleu Patine

    [Tradition E - 21587TE8-pat/f]

  • 151,66 $

    U11 Case Patine Fauve Patine

    [Tradition E - 21587TE14-Pat/f]

  • 123,23 $

    U11 Case Tentation Tropézienne Darboun sabla

    [Tradition E - 21587TE61/f]

  • 123,23 $

    U11 Case Tentation Tropézienne Castan esparciate

    [Tradition E - 21587TE68/f]

  • 80,57 $

    U11 Case Perpétuelle Couture Bleu océan - Couture

    [Tradition E - 21587TE8-PC/f]

  • 85,31 $

    U11 Case Ambition Couture Papaye - Couture

    [Tradition E - 21587TE31-PC/f]

  • 90,05 $

    U11 Case Exception Couture Jean vintage - Couture

    [Tradition E - 21587TE17-PC/f]

  • 142,18 $

    U11 Case Tentation Tropézienne Couture Rose BB - Couture

    [Tradition E - 21587TE64-PC/f]

  • 127,96 $

    U11 Case Addiction Rouge passion

    [Tradition E - 21587TE71/f]

  • 127,96 $

    U11 Case Addiction Vert séduisant

    [Tradition E - 21587TE75/f]

  • 127,96 $

    U11 Case Addiction Orange vibrant

    [Tradition E - 21587TE76/f]