Sweats Femme

In the 1980s, sweatshirts dominated the fashion scene. The hip-hop movement and the opening of many gyms helped the success. Today, Noreve continues to produce a luxurious version of women's sweatshirts in the Tropezian city. 

Women's sweatshirt: why designed in Saint-Tropez?

Born in Saint-Tropez, Noreve continues to enrich its collection with women's sweaters. Take advantage of the clothes made by the brand to enhance the style of your outfit. Made with selected materials, the clothes designed in Saint-Tropez stand out from the rest. They offer a great comfort and keep the freshness during the summer. A woman's sweater made by Noreve is a must-have in the wardrobe. It is a must-have in Saint-Tropez. You can wear it for example during your evening walks. Combined with mom jeans, this original garment gives you a casual look. Whether you wear trainers, sandals or ankle boots, you will see that it goes with almost any shoe.

Women's sweatshirt: go for a chic look

Even with a sweatshirt, you can look chic with the iconic range or brand from the city of Tropez. Noreve displays sophisticated outfits in its shop and offers high fashion clothing. So take the opportunity to adopt a trendy style. With the right accessories, enhance your figure and enjoy the collection that reflects the Tropezian art of living. The cuts of the women's sweatshirts vary according to the part of the body to be highlighted. For example, very short models are perfect for a girly, chic and conventional look. Zip-up sweatshirts are a good alternative to jackets. Worn with a jogging suit, it has an urban and sporty look.