Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Lenovo Moto G4

Lenovo Moto G4, in the same vein as its elders

Motorola's Moto G series has a reputation for offering high-end specifications at a lower price. If the Moto G4 is no longer signed by Motorola but by Lenovo, it remains in line with its predecessors and retains the unchanged experience that Motorola phones have known under Google. Released in May 2016, the G4 offers a large 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. It uses the Android 6.0.1 operating system, and can be updated to Nougat 7.0. It is supported by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 octa-core processor. Available in 16 or 32 GB internal memory, the storage capacity can expand to 256 GB with a micro SD card, and its RAM is 2 GB. The Moto G4 is equipped with a 13 megapixel photo sensor and a 5 megapixel front camera.

A high-end smartphone except for a few details

Lenovo has used the same bases as the former Moto G to design the G4. It enjoys a high quality construction and tests have revealed quite good performance in everyday use, although gamers will not be fully satisfied. Inside, Lenovo has installed water repellent nanocoating. If the G4 will not be submersible unlike its big brother, it will fear splashing. We also note the absence of new technologies like the fingerprint scanner or the NFC. Despite the fact that the back of the phone is replaceable, the battery cannot be replaced by the user.

Make up for the weaknesses of your phone with a simple Noreve cover

Smartphones are technology marvel that are powerful and fragile at the same time. If the Moto G4 is designed to withstand scratching thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass 3, it is still subject to cracks in case of severe shock. The waterproof nanocoating technology of this smartphone allows it to withstand small splashes, but this remains rather low as protection. To overcome these problems, Noreve has applied its whole know-how to create tailor-made protective covers in order to reduce the exposure of your G4 to shocks and splashes. Noreve offers high-quality leather protection, and the quality of its finish is impeccable for an elegant visual rendering.

Customise your phone thanks to Noreve

If Lenovo allows users of the Moto G4 to replace the back of the phone according to their tastes, this action, if repeated, could damage the interior of the phone. Fortunately, Noreve has thought about everything and also allows you to customise the protection you choose for your smartphone. Whether you prefer flap covers or back covers, you'll be able to choose the type of covering, colour and pattern, both for the outer and inner coating. Noreve allows you to protect your Moto G4 by making it a unique smartphone in your own image.