Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Xiaomi Mi 5

Protect your Xiaomi MI-5 with a leather Smartphone case

To offer oneself a Smartphone like the Xiaomi MI-5 represents a certain investment and it seems essential to have a leather mobile case to protect it at best. Indeed the modern mobile phone is ultra-efficient and is no longer used solely to call or send an SMS. We spend a lot of time manipulating it every day in a variety of situations and there are many occasions to knock it down or damage it. Check out our Xiaomi MI-5 Smartphone cases.

Craftsmanship know-how for your mobile phone case

Noreve is primarily a workshop with experts in small leather goods who make high-end Smartphone cases by hand with top-quality leather. The Xiaomi MI-5 is the guarantee of a particularly neat finish to protect your Xiaomi MI-5 thanks to our specific technique of integrating a rigid thermoplastic frame into the cover of the mobile phone.

A very effective mobile phone case for Xiaomi MI-5

The robustness of a mobile leather case is an important parameter, but it should not be forgotten that it must also be easy to use. To ease the daily use of your Xiaomi MI-5, we have cut-outs that allow you to enjoy all the ports and the camera.

Customise your Xiaomi MI-5 Smartphone case

The first choice you will have to make is the size of your mobile phone case for Xiaomi MI-5 since we offer you a wallet type model with a horizontal flap or a vertical flap case. Then you can select the colours you prefer and why not opt for an optional belt clip.