Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Nokia Lumia 930

Discover our cases for the Nokia Lumia 930 smartphone

With its quad core processor, 20MP main camera and LED Full HD screen, the Lumia 930 smartphone is a high-end windows phone in direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy range and iPhone. A mobile phone with impressive performance levels. It would be a great shame to damage it by dropping it on the ground or spilling water over it. Get protection, in the real sense of the word, get a special Nokia Lumia 930 leather case.

Our mobile phone covers have a high quality finish

We specialise in small leather goods and have authentic craftsmanship and skills. This enables us to design mobile phone covers with impeccable style and attention to detail, in an optimal combination of robustness and elegance. In order to provide you with complete satisfaction in your daily use of your Nokia Lumia 930, our mobile phone covers are reinforced with an internal thermoplastic frame. Our leather smartphone cases are much more elegant than the basic shell for the Nokia Lumia 930.

Your personalised mobile phone cover for the Lumia smartphone

Because everyone who owns a smartphone has their own likes and dislikes, we provide a range of different models of leather cases for the Nokia Lumia 930 smartphone, with lots of details and specifications. For example, you can choose between twelve colours for the leather case, and more than thirty for the lining.

Ultra functional cases for the Nokia Lumia 930 mobile phone

You prefer having a simple slip-in pouch for your favourite smartphone? You want a model which allows you to use all your mobile phone's features without any problem? You can choose from a range of models and options, such as magnetic closure or belt clip for your Lumia 930 smartphone.