Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Tablet Mio

Discover all our made to measure leather covers to dress up your Mio touch screen tablet by clicking on your model. Getting a Noreve case, means you are getting the must in terms of protective coverings for your precious and priceless mobile device

MIO, your co-pilot

Mio, founded in 2002, is a Taiwanese company that specialises in designing tablets, GPS and dash cams. Mio develops products and services in car navigation, cycling navigation, dash cams and tablets designed for companies and care homes, which offer an ideal combination of innovation and user-friendliness. In 2010, Mio decided to diversify and ogle on the more professional side, PC tablet. MioPad 6 is one of the latest tablets released by Mio. MioPad 6 is a tablet designed specifically for navigation in the vehicle. By connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi or using a mobile connection, it can inform about your location, your destination, or to discover new places. Using the Android 2.2 operating system unlike its predecessors which used Windows, MioPad 6 has a 6-inch screen displaying 800 x 480 pixels. Equipped with a 3.2-megapixel camera, it can record your journeys on its 4 GB internal memory expandable via a micro SD card. Its RAM is 512 MB.

Avoid any breakage, equip your tablet with a Noreve cover

Road trips involve sudden changes in direction that may cause shocks or falling of some objects. Noreve has specifically designed protective covers for your MIO tablet so you can use it with serenity. Designed by hand, Noreve covers have elegant nature and have an unmatched finish quality. You will enjoy the practicality of Noreve covers that allow you to access all the features of your tablet without having to remove this beautiful case. Solid and lightweight, Noreve covers will give you the freedom to use your device as comfortable as possible.