Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Blackberry Passport

A Blackberry mobile phone cover made by skilled craftsmen

NOREVE's philosophy is to produce high-end, handmade smartphone cases using the best quality leather, supported by an internal thermoplastic frame to reinforce shock resistance. Your Blackberry Passport smartphone deserves the best in terms of both elegance and robustness.

A practical mobile phone cover for a Blackberry Passport

A leather mobile phone case must be sufficiently functional to be user friendly. We do this by cutting and shaping the leather to match all your Blackberry Passport cable ports, as well as the camera and flash.

Options for your Blackberry Passport smartphone cover

Noreve proposes an innovative model for the Blackberry Passport with a fold-out stand in the back to support the screen when using in landscape mode. You can also have a plastic or steel belt clip, and a lining in a different colour.

Protect your Blackberry Passport with one of our leather mobile phone covers

Blackberry very quickly became a major player in the smartphone market. Their latest model, the Blackberry Passport, has a screen which provides a unique user experience. We suggest that you protect your favourite mobile phone's 4.5" tactile screen with one of our cases specifically designed to keep it intact. Don't wait to get one of our leather cases for your Blackberry Passport, or get somebody to get one for you, or get one as a gift for someone else!