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Eten, simple and easy to use Smartphones

Eten is a Taiwanese company founded in 1985 and specialises in the design of Smartphones. In 2006, it introduced its new trade name, Glofiish, and two new models of Smartphone: the X500 and the M700, both are then equipped with GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Glofiish has sold about twenty Smartphones powered by Windows Mobile, until 2008 when the brand was bought by Acer. One of the most striking models that the brand has produced is the Eten M750, released in 2008. This small basic model Smartphone has a 2.8-inch touch screen with a resolution of 240 by 320 pixels and comes with a stylus to facilitate interaction. Powered by Windows Mobile Professional 6.0, it has slide design, also equipped with a QUERTY physical keyboard to facilitate message writing. Internet access is possible using the Edge or GPRS network, or by Wi-Fi. However, its lower power does not allow it to claim a better success in the market. Indeed, its single-core processor that runs at 500 MHz, and its memory of 64 MB RAM are far from the standards for a Smartphone of the same generation. It has an internal memory of 256 MB expandable via microSD card and is equipped with a 2-megapixel photo sensor to immortalise photos and videos.

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