Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 design, an elegance that must be preserved with a cover

Dimensions of a Galaxy Tab A 9.7 are 242x166x7.5 mm for a weight of 450 g. The tablet proves to be rich in finesse and lightness. On the other hand, the plastic finish is wonderfully well executed, giving the device an impression of sturdiness. The touch is pleasant thanks to a back cover that proves to be ultra soft. Corners are rounded for a better grip. The best way to avoid any inconvenience caused by shock or clumsiness is to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 holder or sleeve.

Noreve case for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7, a sure way to equip the tablet

When the Galaxy Tab Samsung A 9.7 follows you everywhere, it is prone to various types of attacks. Even the smallest ones can cause unfortunate consequences and damage the aesthetics or certain technical features of the device. Fortunately at Noreve, developing covers for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 is not just a matter of appearance. Certainly, external appearance is important, but every element and each step in manufacturing process must be closely followed. These are Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 handmade covers. The provided models stand out by their elegance and their timeless character. Something good for a healthy tablet!

Noreve protections dedicated to Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 tablets, innovation and customisation

Choosing a Noreve item to wrap one’s Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 tablet is not only a question of usefulness. Certainly, the Noreve covers are made from the finest leather, but the creation does not stop there! Craftsmen work with you to design the accessory of your dreams. You will be free to select the colour, texture of the leather, kind of finish or even fastening method. Several data are available for you to enjoy a timeless model that best suits your preferences.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 tablet and protective cover, a collaboration that will be successful

Samsung has a worldwide reputation for its smartphones, but the manufacturer has also made its mark in the universe of touch screen tablets. In mid-range, Samsung has developed the GalaxyTab A Series. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 looks like the iPad with its 4/3 format screen. As for the processor, it draws its strength from a quad-core Qualcolmm Snapdragon 410 that runs at 1.2 GHz, with 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB storage. The memory is expandable thanks to the presence of a micro SD card port. The device is powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop enhanced with Samsung TouchWiz interface. The system is fluid and there is no slowing down during heavy use. Small drawback, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 is equipped with a too low definition screen compared to the competition with 1,024 x 768 pixels. The camera is in the average with a main sensor of 5 Mpx and a front sensor of 2 Mpx. The finesse and lightness of this tablet should be considered when choosing a protective accessory that is both solid and suitable. To fully enjoy each of the features of a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 tablet, it is better to invest in a reliable cover.