Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Google Nexus 5X

Think about protecting your Nexus 5x with a leather mobile phone case

Mobile phone cover with a vertical flap; wallet style cover with a horizontal flap; leather mobile phone shell: discover our different models of leather cases for your Nexus 5x smartphone. If you appreciate fine leather goods made by skilled craftsmen, with top quality finishings, you will definitely adore NOREVE's mobile phone cases.

A robust, modern design for your Nexus 5x mobile phone cover

A glass of water knocked over on the table... A fall from your desk top or when getting out of your car... These are the sort of everyday accidents which could damage your Nexus 2015. But it doesn't have to be that way! A few simple precautions can help limit the risks to your favourite smartphone. The first thing to do is get a leather mobile phone cover.

Mix security with elegance with one of our mobile phone covers for the Nexus 5x

NOREVE has developed a specific design so that all their mobile phone cases and covers are not only good looking but also robust and solid. For the aesthetics, all that was needed was to rely on the know-how and skills of the brand in terms of high quality small leather goods. For the practical side, an internal thermoplastic frame is incorporated into each structure to make your Nexus cover more rigid and shockproof.

Ultra functional mobile phone cases

Your mobile phone cover should in no way complicate the way you use your smartphone. You should be able to film a video or connect hands free kit without a problem. That is why the majority of our models include cut-outs in the leather, positioned at the strategic points to guarantee immediate access to all the functionalities of your Nexus 5x smartphone.