Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Tablet Iriver

Protect your Iriver brand tablet from amongst the best looking cases in real leather that exist. The next stage will be to choose the model which best corresponds to your requirements.

Technological evolution has done wonders at iRiver

Having strongly marked the world of music with its mp3 players and the world's thinnest and lightest CD player, iRiver continues to innovate. Of Korean origin, iRiver specializes in manufacturing consumer electronics and multimedia players. Its appearance in the production of touch screen tablets was marked by the Iriver WOWTab model. The company is also launching into the eBook market with its famous iRiver Story, highly appreciated for its practicality and ease of use. The iRiver Lyumo is among the brand's products that have not failed to surprise consumers. Located between the tablet and the Smartphone, it displays a 5-inch screen for a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. This is the first Android device developed by iRiver. In partnership with Google, the Korean company has released an eReader: the iRiver Story HD. It can support various formats, namely PDF, EPUB, TXT, FB2 and DjVu. It can also read PPT, PPTx, XLS, XLSx, DOC, DOCx and HWP, and also ZIP. This reader is the first to be integrated into the Google digital library.

Noreve, the ally protecting your tablet in the everyday life

Touch screen tablets and electronic readers are devices that never leave us, just like our famous Smartphone. Noreve knows how to highlight the newcomers of the technology with cases, covers, holders, sleeves etc. of a timeless nature. Designed in the heart of Saint-Tropez, the Noreve covers are faithful to the elegance and charm of this privileged place of destination. Find handmade covers reflecting the beautiful colours of Saint-Tropez. There is no more to say about the quality of the equipment that are used. As for the design, it has been handed in expert hands. Slide your iRiver Story into a Noreve cover. The natural refinement will work so that your device is elegantly adorned in all circumstances!