Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Smartphone Dell

Create your own personalised cover for your Dell smartphone. Noreve proposes Haute Couture accessories for mobile devices.

Dell, the performance of a computer on a Smartphone

The Dell Technologies brand (formerly Dell Inc.) is well known on the desktop and laptop market, and is the third largest manufacturer in the global market. The company then expanded into multiple technology products, including printers, digital cameras and Smartphone, with, for example, the Dell Axim Series X50-X51 or Dell Streak. Although Dell does not have a wide range of mobile phone products, it has been able to transfer its exemplary know-how to the few Smartphone available on the market. With the Dell Streak, performance in terms of web browsing is virtually the same as on a laptop. Operating under Android, this is a highly suitable phone for those who constantly need to be connected to the Internet. Good finish, nice design, the Streak resides between a Smartphone and a tablet with its screen of 800x480 pixels, providing a sizeable reading comfort.

A suitable protection thanks to Noreve

Noreve Saint-Tropez specialises in designing tailored leather covers, adapted to the smallest corner of your Dell Smartphone. The brand’s covers are handmade in a first quality material in order to protect the device at best. It will thus be protected from any kind of scratches or shocks, while being elegantly covered. The design of a Noreve cover has been specially designed to fit the shape of your Dell Smartphone to the millimetre, without hindering any functionality and giving access to essential functions (camera, headphones, charger ...) without having to remove the cover. Do not hesitate to choose a Noreve cover to showcase your phone and extend its life.