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Archos Smartphone, among the most powerful on the market

Archos is a French company founded in 1988, which made a name for itself by the launch of digital MP3 players in 2000. The firm, that specialises in the design of multimedia tablets, launches its first ranges of Smartphone in 2013, namely Platinum, Titanium, Archos 50 Oxygen, and Helium 4G, allowing, as the name suggests, to use the 4G network, all powered by Android. The brand's flagship model, named Archos Diamond 2 Plus, was released in August 2016, under Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This high-end Smartphone is a Dual SIM model, allowing two SIM cards to be used simultaneously. It has a full 5.5-inch touch screen with full HD resolution of 1080x1920 pixels. Its Octa-core processor makes it one of the most powerful Smartphone on the market, with its 4 GB of RAM. The Archos Diamond 2 Plus has an internal memory of 64 GB, expandable up to 256 GB via a micro-SD card. And as if that was not enough, this Smartphone of the French brand is equipped with one of the best cameras that can be found on a Smartphone, with a resolution of 20.7 MP, combined with the 8 MP of the secondary frontal sensor. In addition to all the features that one can find on other Smartphone, this one has a Type-C USB port, that is to say it is reversible. It is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor to optimise the security of the Smartphone and its user. Archos will launch at least 4 new Smartphone on July 2017, including the Archos Diamond Alpha, as powerful as its elder, along with another Smartphone from the Diamond range and two others from the Sense range.

Craftsmen for the protection of your Smartphone

Although Archos products are already very robust, a cover is always advisable. With Maison Noreve, choose the best in terms of covers, holders, cases, and sleeves. Respecting the authentic values of Saint-Tropez, Noreve translates quality and practicality through its protections. Special finishes and custom-made cut-outs characterise their covers, which perfectly fit your Archos Smartphone. These covers are customisable, beautifully decorated with the logo of the brand, the moon protecting the sun, symbolizing a device well shielded from any shock.