Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Tablet Irex

Protect your Irex e-book reader from amongst the best looking covers on the market. Getting a Noreve case, means you are getting the best in terms of protective coverings for your precious mobile device.

Irex, the pleasure of digital reading

IRex Technologies is one of the pioneers of digital reading. The company made itself known in the manufacture and marketing of e-books or e-readers. It is as interested in the market of professionals as in that of the general public. Among the most well-known models are iLiad, iRex DR1000 and iRex DR800. The iLiad is equipped with an 8.1-inch display, an internal memory of 256 MB. It is capable of reading various formats such as PDF, HTML, TXT for texts, and JPG, BMP and PNG for images. Its big brother, the Digital Reader 1000, with screen in A5 format, is much better developed in terms of performance. Their common features? Both models use electronic paper technology that provides the user with the same sensation as paper reading. The announcement of the launch of the iRex DR800SG in 2009 made waves among consumers, but unfortunately it did not produce the desired impact. Indeed, the device, both communicative and tactile, offers an interesting reading experience.

Noreve, the timeless charm of protective armour for tablets

Located in Saint-Tropez, one of the most popular destinations, Maison Noreve is considered to be a dream creator of protection for tablets. The articles are designed in the art of craftsmanship. A perfect design, a rare quality, a very classy blend between natural and luxury, these are in a few words the specifics of a case, holder, cover, sleeve or other protection signed by Noreve. Every detail is meticulously crafted to get the perfect model. The style is authentic, always inspired by the unprecedented atmosphere that reigns in Saint-Tropez. As for quality and functionality, you will be dazzled because Noreve builds on excellence. Simply slide your Irex e-reader in a Noreve case and you will know you will not be able to do without it anymore!