Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Smartphone Acer

Discover a large choice of covers for Acer smartphones. You will be charmed by the unique and precious skills and know-how of the Noreve craftsmen.

Combination of robustness and autonomy at Acer

Generally known for its supremacy, since 1976, in manufacturing and marketing computers and computing peripherals, the Taiwanese firm Acer launched in 2009 on the market of Smartphone. First equipped with the Windows Mobile system, it decided at the end of 2009 to diversify its range and to run other models on Android. Acer launches products that rely on a very good endurance of the battery. It also slipped to the 5th place worldwide in terms of autonomy with the Liquid Z6 Plus, from its 4080mAh. In the "heavy weight" category, the firm has launched two flagship products, respectively the Liquid Jade2 under Android 6.0 and the Liquid Jade2 Primo PC under Windows 10. Both have the same hardware configurations, namely a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 hexacore supported by 3GB of RAM, with an expandable internal storage of 32GB (with free 1TB cloud storage, without financial compensation!) as well as a high-resolution 21-megapixel camera. The autonomy and robustness of Acer products lead many mobile operators and e-commerce stores to decide to represent the Taiwanese brand.

Safety first, signed by Noreve

A Smartphone is very practical in everyday as well as in professional life. It allows accessing much information at the same time and in real time. It really makes life easier by having several features gathered in one device. But as solid as its cover can be, it is still subject to a crack or even a break with the slightest inattention on our part. Noreve has anticipated all this by making custom leather cases for our pretty Acer Smartphone, in order to better preserve our phone against the possible risks of damage, sources of embarrassing penalties.