Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Microsoft Lumia 650

Securing a Microsoft Lumia 650 with a cover, case, holder or sleeve

In terms of design, the Microsoft Lumia 650 is rich in elegance. The plastic slate on the back is accompanied by an aluminium chassis. The device is far from bulky with its weight of 122 grams and its dimensions of 142 x 70.9 x 6.9 mm. This lightness makes it easy to grip and makes your Lumia 650 very comfortable to carry. On the other hand, it is essential to protect it from scratches and breakage by means of a protective accessory. The ideal solution would be to select a cover, a case, a holder or a sleeve that would allow the user optimal use of each feature, and which would further highlight the charm and chic of the smartphone.

Noreve protective cover, a must-have for your Microsoft Lumia 650

Life with your Lumia 650 will be much easier with a protective accessory that is specifically designed to accompany it whatever its journeys. The best way to ensure the proper functioning of your device while preserving its aesthetics is to choose a robust and quality cover, with a design that makes the difference! Noreve is a design house located in Saint-Tropez. It is inspired by the values of the peninsula to design delightful models of Lumia 650 Microsoft covers. Designers are creative and experienced. They collaborate closely with craftsmen to implement stylish covers, cases, holders and sleeves, the quality of which is perfect. Noreve brings a plus to your Microsoft Lumia 650 by wrapping it with premium quality leather. From design to finish, the work is impeccable.

Noreve Lumia 650 covers to be customised, to bring your own touch of creativity

Do you like discretion or are you rather showy? Choose the colour of the inner and outer lining of your Microsoft Lumia 650 protection. As for the feel of your new case, you prefer it smooth or slightly textured? Maison Noreve offers various options as for the choice of leather, colours, fastening methods and other small details. You just have to simply select a Microsoft Lumia 650 cover model, and you will discover a wide range of possibilities to customise your accessory.

Microsoft Lumia 650, an ultra-functional smartphone to be protected effectively

After its two high-end models Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, Microsoft released the Microsoft Lumia 650, a mid-range smartphone powered by Windows 10 Mobile. The little marvel contains a quad-core ARM Cortex A7 Snapdragon 212 processor that run at 1.3 GHz with an Adreno 304 graphics chip, 1GB of RAM and 16GB expandable storage via Micro SD card with a maximum capacity of 128GB. Its screen which is equipped with an OLED panel has a 5-inch format protected by a Gorilla Glass. The responsiveness is decent and the colour rendering is average. As for the camera, the Microsoft Lumia 650 has an 8Mpx rear photo sensor and a 5MP camera for selfies. The videos are set to a 720p HD resolution. As for the aesthetics of the device, the Lumia 650 displays an elegant appearance with an aluminium perimeter and an impeccable finish. It is very light for a smartphone, weighing 122 grams. This is why its security is a point to be closely considered. The Microsoft Lumia 650 deserves a protective cover that fits perfectly its shape and ensures it a long life.