For Noreve the back of the case is as important as the front.
We have found the way to hamoniously associate design and functionality.

The "Noreve" Cases have a completely removeable belt clip (image 1 & 2). The belt clip is sturdy and allows a complete rotation (360 degrees). Nevertheless, its advanced system prevents the case from turning on its own.

With fixation system
With strong & removable belt clip
image 1
image 2

The fixation system in the back has been reinforced.
This allows you to transport your device easily and securely.

For those who do not wish to use the belt clip, we have concieved a magnificent silver colored button embossed with the Noreve logo which can be easily screwed. If you wish the back of your case to be flat, all you have to do is unscrew the belt clip and screw the silver colored button (image 3).

You may also leave the case without the button in order to obtain a completely flat back (image 4).

With button engraved Noreve
Without belt clip and button
image 3
image 4

Our ambition is to respond to the needs of demanding clients by offering a case of great quality in terms of design. The Noreve cases stay beautiful with or without the belt clip.

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