Tentation Tropézienne Range

Ten leathers in Saint-Tropez colours - Made in France

Leather handmade by French craftsmen with exceptional finishes: a flap, a frame in thermoplastics, a discrete screen print of the Noreve logo of the bell tower at Saint-Tropez, a protective case engraved with the brand's logo... What dreams are made of !

The ultimate collection by Noreve, the Tentation Tropézienne range. A must-have, timeless object, distinguished by a very French style. The iPhone 4 cover with flap is the first to have « Made in France » status when it was launched in April 2012.
Noreve follows technology trends, but is also a ground-breaking brand: we were the first to provide a case with a flap, entirely made from French leather.

’’April 2012
1st leather cover with flap
Made in France
for the Apple iPhone 4’’


Noreve presents its hybrid range, between chic and casual, perfect for people with character, elegant and sensitive. Because authenticity and quality go together, Noreve has used French skills and know-how to emulate its unique personality and create an accessory which is close to the tropézien style. The Tentation Tropézienne range will protect your mobile device with the care and elegance demanded of such hi-tech fashion items.
The Tentation Tropézienne range uses saturated colour pigments which do not fade when exposed to ultraviolet light. They are also more resistant to scratches, wear and tear. This treatment makes our creations more solid for daily use.
The inside leather has been delicately stamped with the design of the bell tower at Saint-Tropez. You will have in your hands a rare item, made from French leather in conformance with European norms and standards. Although delicate and elegant, it is nonetheless a product which is hard wearing and agreeable to the touch.

’’With this case you will own a little bit of Saint-Tropez,
a little bit of a dream’’


Noreve not only imagined that leather could embody the values of France, but also because the product is completely made in France Noreve is creating jobs and supporting French craftsmen.

’’True to its village, country and traditions.
Ad Usque Fidelis.
No better way to describe Noreve !’’


Noreve's second ideal is: respect. Because the brand wants to remain true to its values, we decided to work with a company in the South of France to support French craftsmen. So now we have craftsmen who have a love for leatherwork available for the tropézienne company: French hides treated in conformance with European Norms and Standards producing remarkable and quality raw materials. This small company is based in the centre of France in one the country's leather working regions, and brings together two skills and metiers, jewellery and leatherwork, particularly saddlery. The craftsmen specialise in leatherwork and celebrate their art by transforming the raw hides: natural arts and crafts Their passion for their raw material means they have a lot of experience in tanning techniques, specifically in sleeking or smoothing edges.


The Tentation Tropézienne range comes in 10 different carefully selected leathers in Saint-Tropez colours, uniquely available in this provençal style collection: Negre poudro (carbon black powder),Blanc escumo (frothy white), Darboun sabla (sable mole),Jaune soulèu (sun yellow), Arange clouquié, (bell tower orange) Rose BB, Rouge troupelenc (tropézien red), Blu mediterran (mediterranean blue), Blu marino (marine blue),Castan esparciate (spartan brown).

’’Try this product range, a taste of the South of France’’


The Tentation Tropézienne, with a unique design and history, is timeless.

‘Noreve Saint-Tropez’ is delicately engraved in silver on the back of the case: the Tentation Tropézienne range is the brand's core product, a precious jewel.


Tentation Tropézienne Couture range