Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Apple iPhone 14 Max

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    Vertical flap

    [Tradition - 2136T]

    Apple iPhone 14 Max leather case
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    Horizontal wallet flap

    [Tradition B - 2136TB]

    Apple iPhone 14 Max leather case
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    [Tradition C - 2136TC]

    Apple iPhone 14 Max leather pouch
  • Do you want to give your Apple iPhone 14 Max maximum protection? Order a high-quality leather case from Noreve.

    Horizontal flap

    [Tradition D - 2136TD]

    Apple iPhone 14 Max leather case
  • You want to preserve the aesthetics of your Apple iPhone 14 Max? Opt for a high quality leather case made by Noreve.

    Rear shell

    [Tradition E - 2136TE]

    Apple iPhone 14 Max leather cover

Features of the iPhone 14 Max

This new version of Apple's smartphone has a large 6.7 inch screen like the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It also has a front-facing camera with autofocus functionality. In addition, its optical system has six lens layers if the iPhone 13 range has only five. It therefore captures light efficiently. As for the rear camera, it has a 48-megapixel sensor with the ability to shoot 8K video. The iPhone 14 Max is equipped with a high-performance 4325 mAh battery. With a long battery life, the smartphone runs on iOS 16 and displays the always-on display mode when locked. What will the next iPhone 15 Max model be like?

Why protect your iPhone 14 Max with a stylish case?

It's a good idea to use a durable case to protect a high-tech device like the iPhone 14 Max. A protective accessory protects it from bumps, scratches, dirt, etc. It also serves to keep the smartphone in its original condition throughout its use. A smart cover is not just about protecting your phone. It also allows you to look stylish. By selecting a luxurious accessory made by Noreve, you can look your best with your iPhone 14 Max.

Noreve, expert in premium leather cases

The master craftsmen of the iconic Saint-Tropez brand select top quality leather to design premium covers. Many years of experience have enabled them to develop cases with a slim design that matches the qualities of the iPhone 14 Max. Noreve's products combine a number of advantages such as handling, flexibility and durability. To improve the resistance of our cases, we insert a thin and light frame inside each model to absorb shocks.

Customisable cases for the iPhone 14 Max

The iPhone 14 Max is a high-tech device classified as a high-end phone. Noreve offers a diverse catalogue of cases for this smartphone. Since Noreve's products are entirely handmade, the brand offers the possibility to customize your cover. In order to make your cover or shell unique, simply use the simulator on our website. For example, you can select a cover with a horizontal wallet flap, a vertical flap, a back cover, etc. You can also choose the texture and colour to suit your taste. Apart from selecting the finish, have your logo engraved on the cover. This option is available on request.