Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G

Quality shells for your device

The Chinese firm has already won over its customers with the previous MI 9 Pro, a clever blend of innovation and design know-how. The bar has been raised a notch higher with the Mi 10 Pro 5G as it is the first model of the manufacturer to adopt the 5G. Fluidity is the key word for the Mi 10 Pro 5G, because in addition to its ultra-fast network, its AMOLED screen benefits from a 90 Hz refresh rate, which multimedia enthusiasts will no doubt welcome. To run, this smartphone comes with a Snapdragon 865 and 12GB of RAM. The photo part is managed by 4 modules which, in good or bad lighting conditions, deliver pictures without the slightest defect. The Mi 10 Pro 5G is thus a smartphone that will make any user happy. It seems that the manufacturer already has the recipe to make its next Mi 11 Pro the reference on the smartphone market.

The reasons to put a shell on your smartphone?

As the saying goes: "prevention is better than cure". Although today's smartphones are quite resilient, a bad fall can knock out their screen or their back. Unfortunately, spare parts are as expensive as the smartphones themselves, especially if it's the screen and the warranty has been expired for quite some time. The best way to maintain and protect your smartphone is to cover it with a case or cover.

Why choose Noreve covers for your Mi 10 Pro 5G?

Noreve leather covers are elegant and bring a real added value to your smartphone. The finishes of the covers and leather cases also meet all the criteria for top-of-the-range protection. In addition to flattering the retina with their design and cut-outs, Noreve leather cases are also ultra-resistant. The handcrafted quality materials used by craftsmen are one of the secrets of the solidity of the leather cases and shells offered by Noreve. Indeed, like wine, Noreve's know-how in this area has improved over time. Thus, the experience accumulated since 2003 has contributed to the company becoming one of the references in the leather protection market.

Customize your hulls according to your tastes

Noreve's leather protectors meet different needs. To satisfy you, the catalogue includes back shells, cases, wallet covers as well as covers with vertical flaps. A wide choice of colours and customisations is also available. For example, it is possible to have initials written on the case or to have a small logo engraved on it.