Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Oneplus 8

Premium shells for a premium smartphone

The first eye-catching element when taking the OnePlus 8 in hand is the design of this 8th generation. Indeed, while the manufacturer has chosen a screen occupying the entire front panel and a pop-up front camera for the OnePlus 7, the OnePlus 8 takes this trend in reverse with not a teardrop-shaped camera, but with a punch. The result is nonetheless successful, as this hole is hardly noticeable on the one hand. On the other hand, its large 6.5-inch AMOLED curved screen plunges into total immersion. On the power side, the OnePlus 8 runs under a Snapdragon 865 coupled with a few handfuls of RAM. It's no surprise that OnePlus has been offering high-powered smartphones since its first models. This guideline should not change with the future OnePlus 9.

Noreve shells to maintain and protect your smartphone

The majority of smartphones leave the factory with ultra-resistant screens and reinforced glass backs, if the manufacturer has not opted for other materials. These devices are known as "Corning Gorilla Glass" and guarantee robustness. The problem is that they are only effective if they are dropped from less than a metre and scratches can affect them. Thanks to Noreve, which offers leather shells and cases, your smartphone will be safe. Indeed, the protections marketed by the brand absorb shocks in addition to protecting the back and screen from scratches.

Noreve leather cases: the fruit of several years of know-how

Since 2003, quality has been a watchword for Noreve. It must be said that the company has a real know-how in the transformation of the quality raw materials it uses. The results never fall short of expectations, since the covers, shells and cases manufactured meet all the criteria for top-of-the-range protection. Like goldsmiths, the craftsmen meticulously work the leather by hand to create protection with perfect design and finishes.

Customizable shells

The brand offers several types of protection, from back shells to wallet covers, not forgetting covers with vertical or horizontal flaps. Each item can also be customised to your taste and a multitude of colours are available in the catalogue.